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Samson Amsteel Rope
Samson Amsteel Rope is a 12-strand single braid construction of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) fiber that is tension-set in conjunction with Samson's Parallayr plying process. Grey Samthane Type "S" urethane coating is applied to enhance firmness and wear life while allowing ease of splicing.
Part NoProduct NameU/MColorMBSPutUpsWt/100 Ft (lb)
HC87301/4" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey5900 lbs600' 1200'1.6000
HC87405/16" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey8800 lbs600' 1200'2.6500
HC87503/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey12700 lbs600' 1200'3.7100
HC87607/16" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey14800 lbs600' 1200'4.2300
HC87701/2" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey22500 lbs600' 1200'6.3500
HC87805/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey36600 lbs600' 1200'10.6100
HC87903/4" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey43200 lbs600' 1200'13.3100
HC88007/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey61000 lbs600' 1200'19.6100
HC88101" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey72000 lbs600' 1200'23.4300
HC88201-1/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey91800 lbs600' 1200'31.8600
HC88301-1/4" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey102600 lbs600' 1200'36.2300
HC88401-1/2" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey141300 lbs300'51.7000
HC88501-5/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey167400 lbs300'65.7200
HC88601-3/4" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey198000 lbs300'78.3500
HC88701/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey1600 lbs600' 1200'0.5300
HC88803/16" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey3400 lbs600' 1200'1.0400
HC88902" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey225000 lbs 300'91.4000
HC89002-1/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey270000 lbs300'109.0000
HC89102-1/4" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey317700 lbs300'122.0000
HC89202-1/2" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey360000 lbs300'148.0000
HC89302-5/8" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey405000 lbs300'167.0000
HC89402-3/4" SAMSON AMSTEEL ROPEFTGrey450000 lbs300'187.0000
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